Introduction : Education

educationI have been making work in schools since 1984 when I instigated a creative project at Soho Parish School in London that became a long-term residency developing the playground.
Since then I have built a substantial portfolio of projects bringing about environmental change indoors and out through creative engagement with many schools and colleges.
I work with teaching staff to integrate a project into classroom time and make links with the curriculum that enhance the learning experience without creating new demands.
I am able to communicate ideas to young people from primary to secondary and higher education age and draw from them their full creative potential. Once I have engaged them in a collaborative creative process I then have the necessary practical experience to realise their ideas in concrete form in a wide variety of media.
I have also collaborated with practitioners in dance, theatre, music and writing to produce temporary and performance pieces.

Whatever the outcome, I leave behind me a creative experience that can be drawn on as a learning resource and continues to benefit future generations of pupils, students and staff.

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