Vision and the experience to make it work.

Charlie Carter is a maker, project manager and lead artist with over twenty years’ experience on creative projects in the public realm.

I have made work for streets, schools, hospitals, libraries and churches and worked closely with communities in all of these places to make art that creates atmosphere and sense of place.

I often create a broad cumulative effect within a master- plan through multiple small-scale interventions rather than a single “grand statement”.

Lead Artist in an interdisciplinary team.

I have vision, but I am realistic in my expectations of what can and can’t be achieved, so I can collaborate successfully with commissioning agents and design teams to deliver complex programmes of work from concept through research and technical development, commissioning and fabrication to installation. I also speak the language of contractors and work gangs once the project is on site and know which is the working end of a shovel.

Artists’ team leader

I can gather and lead a team of artists with a broad range of different but complementary skills in both making and community engagement, and mentor emerging artists on a live project.